How to Buy a Gun From Us

Purchasing a firearm online from Mount Pleasant Arms is easy.  Just follow these simple steps:

1.   Add the firearm to your cart and check out with your name and address.  The name on the invoice must match the name on your driver's license.  Sorry, I can't accommodate requests for you to come in and view inventory before a purchase.

2.   Select either in-store pick-up or you can ship the gun to the licensed dealer of your choice.

3.   If you select in-store pick-up we will schedule an appointment with you to come in and do the background check paperwork and start your 10-day waiting period during normal office hours.   

4.     If you elect to have the firearm shipped to another FFL:

a.   Have your dealer EMAIL a copy of his FFL to us at [email protected]. 

b.   If the dealer is in California, we will also need their CA dealers number. 

c.    No order will be shipped until this information is received.


5.  Once shipped, it is up to you to make arrangements with that dealer to fill out the appropriate paperwork.

Please make sure you are committed to you purchase and are eligible to purchase a firearm prior to completing any online order.  Cancelled orders will result in a restocking fee.  See the terms and conditions link at the bottom of the website for more information.

TO AVOID DELAYS, make sure you have the right documents prior to buying a gun.  Information on the documents you need to provide to buy a gun in California are listed here.