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Ammo Transfers


Ammunition Transfer Fees and Quantities

$15 for Each Transfer  

(This Includes the $1 State Background Check Fee)

Max Quantities Per Transfer are Below:

Centerfire/Shotgun Ammo (Except .45 ACP)

Max 3,000 rounds  

.45 ACP

Max 1,000 rounds   


Rimfire Ammo

Max 5,000 rounds (If the case quantity is slightly above this amount, it is not a problem)

General Ammunition Transfer Policies

  • You must contact me via email to approve ammo transfers  
  • Please provide all details of your order in your email including: type/caliber of ammo, quantities and the online retailer name.    
  • Once your order has shipped, it is your responsibility to email me the tracking info so we can schedule a time for you to come in.  
  • Sales tax of 9% is due on all ammo transfers, unless collected by the vendor and clearly stated on the invoice included with the order. 
  • To avoid a $5 per day storage fee, pick-up of ammo must take place within 1 business day of it being received and you will be scheduled during my posted office hours - Sorry, no exceptions. 
  • Per State Law, background checks are required and all sales recorded.  The State fee per transfer is $1 per and is included with the transfer fee.  
  • Ammo will only be delivered to the individual named on the invoice enclosed with the shipment. 
  • Fees and policies are subject to change.

Preferred Vendors

This list is not exhaustive, but I am happy to take ammunition transfers from the following vendors: 

  • Target Sports USA
  • Palmetto State Armory
  • Outdoor Limited
  • Buds guns
  • Brownell's
  • Cabellas